Amnesiac Sorcerer with Acid Affinity


Coal remembers nothing of who is he or where he is from. Stumbling into town some three years ago, near to death, he found no reason to leave and soon came to work at the Inn for Wadka Onzirocks.

Tall and lithe, Coal has the appearance of a fragile human. His scraggly, curly hair has been dyed a dark Maroon. His skin is a dark ash color, and his clothes are all well made and maintained very meticulously. He carries a Boar Spear, Heavy Mace, and a Crossbow for defense.

He is quiet until he gets to know people, once that happens, he can talk and maintain conversation for a long time. He’s very skilled at convincing people to do what he wants and tries not to abuse this skill. He is a fairly powerful caster and has slowly come to learn of his Draconic heritage, due to the abilities he has manifested.

He has a large draft horse named Ahrnuldhe:


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