Wadka Onzirocks

Gnome cleric


Blond bobbed hair. Very down to earth and motherly. She has a riding dog for her pack animal (pet) and carries a lot of items to set up camp. She manages an inn in town called “The Miner’s Mingle”. 92253.jpg


Wodna was the oldest daughter to a gnome gem dealer who packed up his rather large family and moved to the town of Long Fallow Mines to search for gems in the local mine. He was intercepted by the owner of the mine and forced into being used in the mines to be lowered into the lower and accessible tunnels by rope. He died in a relatively short time by being exposed to fatal gases in a cavern. Her mother found work to raise her 8 children at the local inn and Wodka eventually took over for her mother when she passed away during a plague that swept through the town. She took care of her siblings until they eventually went on their own way, but stayed as manager for the inn after the youngest finally left home. She discovered her cleric abilities as she was growing up and was indocterined into her faith by the owner of the inn who was also a cleric of Cayden Cairlean. The inn’s owner, Seb Bastion left town to go adventuring about 5 years prior to the current date and occasionally sends letters to Wodka to update her and send funds to run the inn. He is extremely lenient about allowing her to run the inn and use the inn’s tools and equiptment for her own adventureings in the area. Wodka has taken in a loner and taken his care as a personal responsibility. He suffers amnesia and, since he can’t remember his name, she nicknamed him Coal. She owns a riding dog named Maurice, who lounges around the inn and looks like the Pathfinder version of a French Mastiff. He is extremely lazy and good natured.

Wadka Onzirocks

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