Lakeside Mine Abyss

A Journal entry

Holy Cayden, Where Are We?!

Dear Journal,
20 Erastus, 4598 AR give or take a few days while we were unconscious…

I’m putting these events down in ink and paper because I’ve found, in the past, that its a good method to sort out what the hell just happened! I haven’t been this confused since Barley Sniffenwager talked me into suspending myself from the ceiling with a rope to take a bath (he told me it would ensure I wouldn’t drown and we had had a few too many ales that night). This situation wasn’t nearly as humorous, though, it seems to be quite a bit more confusing and I don’t think it’ll be able to be repaired with some paint and my famous hangover stew.

You see, I’m not even sure where I am at the moment, or what day it is. One minute we were facing down an enormous black dragon and the next we’re waking up in a bazaar looking city where I don’t even know if people use magic or some queer form of artificing. I am sure that my God, Cayden, interfered to save me and my fellow adventurers, but did he have to do it in such a confusing manner? Maybe this is the result of too much whiskey on his part and we are just experiencing a Godly hangover.

I should write what I remember, from the beginning. First, we were investigating the mines after discovering that some strange creatures were escaping from the tunnels there. They were creatures that I have never experienced in my 125 years on this plane.

Our first foray into the Lakeside mines was unpleasant, but with a few bracers of brandy, I felt that I could put the experience behind me and do what was necessary to save the town and my inn. Little did I know just how bad things were going to get (If I had, I would have packed something stronger than mere ale)!

I packed the camp gear on poor ole Maurice and went back to the mine with the others the following morning. Even after the loss of Kalob and a particularly nasty cave in, I felt confident that we could ferret out the misplaced creatures and figure out a way to block the mine shafts so that the town would be safe. My spirit was lifted when we faced off with the first creature we encountered; a strange reptilian thing that I had never seen before. After Kaia flexed her muscles and we all threw a little of our might at him, he fled in terror.

Tsubaki felt that we should track it so that we could find out where it came into the caverns from or a portal that it might have used. We went a ways through the tunnel and came out into an extremely large cavern that was naturally occurring. It was so large, in fact, that even my torch wasn’t very good at spreading light.

Now pay attention, journal. This is where things got strange…

Tsubaki suggested that she light an arrow on fire and shoot it deeper into the cavern to get a better idea of what was in there. Normally, I don’t interfere with nature experts, especially ones that change into animals, but this time something compelled me to stop her. I tried to reason that we might not want to let anything in the cavern know that we were there, but Tsubaki ignored my voice of reason and went ahead and made the shot anyways (I’ve written in you before about how I feel about being ignored…) Annnyyyways, it did what she promised it would and we were able to see into the cavern.

When I saw the Black Dragon I immediately shooed Maurice away to take cover! I’m afraid I will never know for sure if he was under cover when the acid struck. If I weren’t screaming so loudly, I would have been able to hear if he whined or not.

It must have been then that Cayden set down his bottle of whiskey and intervened. I woke up with the rest of our group in the middle of some impossibly tall, masonry, buildings with stairs that were attached to the bricks way above the ground (too far up for any normal sized creatures to make any use of them). There is a refuse smelling metal box with a sign on it states that some creature named dumpster would be picked up there at a particular time on a holiday named Monday. The ground is covered by a strange rocky substance that seems to have spread out until it destroyed all the trees and grass. We did encounter some human native children who completely freaked out when Kaia flew above the buildings (I wonder what they expected her to do with her wings?!) and now I wonder if these people might not have wizards or clerics who know the “fly” spell. They might just be way behind us in that regard.

As I write this, I’m not sure how we will survive our first night here. We’ll have to try to find an inn because all of my gear went bye bye when Maurice bolted and Cayden didn’t see it fit to save him with the rest of us.

Even though my heart is broken over Maurice and I will certainly miss my nice comfortable inn and fully stocked liqueur cabinet, I’m more worried about Tsubaki who will, unfortuately, have to survive without her wolf.

I’m sure glad my flask survived, I really need a drink!



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