Lakeside Mine Abyss

A Strange world

This World is strange, no Magic or things from our world, our Story.. a fable for these humans to read… how did we.. Really end up here in this world?… we talked to this Child and he was kind enough to Let us stay in his Small Home, he had so many thing a.. very Rich and advanced person would have in a home, Back home only the ones who had such Pluming was the Ruling Families, but it seems like Everyone can have such things. they have such Strange things we thing are Magic that are not, as this Kid Benny says, as we are all curious about everything and wondering what everything is and being Scared by this Scrying pool that they call.. a TV.. its odd. he had Brought out this.. little metal object that can easily cast Messager or .. something like that. its small and easy to use for them. it was a while before Benny’s Brother, Kyle ,showed up. he was.. i would say.. Amazed yet Shocked at how our … Costumes where… we had to explained to him that we are not in Costumes, and i ended up Sneezing where i showed my Self… i hate when i do that.. they thought i was.. some.. “furry”… i mean i am Covered in my furs and what not… but i don really understand this Term.. i must ask about this another time

well.. we Decided to Leave with both of these Children, Kyle who is helping us. Who Told us we are Characters in books he Reads.. we found out that this Man, Mr. Luther Kan, has.. been Writing about us.. he knows our Stories.. who we are.. what we have Done this man probly knows what is going to happen to us and how we can get back, he must have Magic or soemthing to help us get home… i miss home… my family.. Miwa.. i.. hope Miwa is alright.. i miss her so.. i really hope she doesnt feel like i abondened her.. this feeling of.. not having her around is.. crushing me.. we need to get Back as soon as we can..

i feel Sorry for Kaia, she is not Taking Traveling in this Metal Box very well, Kyle made it clear that we cant go on our Own in this World or we will be Killed. but some of the Food here Tastes really well.. Kaia has taking to liking this Bubbly Sweet Drink, the food here is not like our world the spices are so Different yet simaler but they seem to have it in more easy Access then we do, they even have Food from Tian Xia, i was surprized by this, Eating the food Reminds me of home… i should take some time to Travel back there to see my Family.. but that is a long.. long Journey from where Lakeside is.

the… little amout of Forestry here.. is unsettling… i feel Disconnected with the Lack of Nature here, Kyle Promised we would find some Forest when we Stoped, i hope its not.. disappointing, i do wish to feel what this Worlds Nature is like, i hope its not upset by the amount of people on its land. the things here have Kept me Distracted enough by, my mind does keep turning to where i see no forest… i… dont know how mch longer it will be before i break Down from the Lack of nature here.. i hope Kyle and Benny can help us.. or.. this Man Luther.. i.. cant let the others know how much this world is Effecting me.


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A Strange world

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