Lakeside Mine Abyss

And so it begins...

Why start at the beginning?


The ragtag group was ambivalently called “The Enforcers”. The name fit, and for some we were their guardians, their protectors, and their “light in the dark.” Those who just wanted to live peaceably and not get into trouble saw us that way. Others still, felt that we were a hindrance. What was a meaningless bar-fight now and again? It had been too long since the crime boss’ terrible, if however short, reign. People were becoming complacent. Something sinister stirred now, deep within the mine. The towns sole reason for existing, and many’s only source of income and livelihood.

The morning began with a strange stillness in the air not perceivable by all. Most were too caught up in their lives to notice such small out of the ordinary things. Kaia the Watcher could feel it, however, as she sat on a perch, above the town, looking down at its strange goings-on. It was the first day of Last Drop, a festival to celebrate the last caravan of supplies coming into town before hunkering down to outlast the cold. Kaia watched as the humans drank themselves into stupors and got into fights. Kaia’s other Enforcers didn’t need her to handle each petty little problem. Some of the Enforcers even joined in the festivities.

Kaia watched through her spyglass, contemplating the stillness. It was off, but she didn’t as of yet understand why. The birds were too quiet, and they didn’t take to flight. Kaia saw Tsubaki, the fox-human who followed her to this town, surely coming to Kaia with news of something needing her attention. Kaia’s wings swiftly brought her to Tsubaki, who brought word of a miner who had lost his life, no doubt tripped in his intoxication and struck his head on a rock. Mayor Todd requested their presence to handle the investigation.

After meeting with The Mayor Todd and retrieving Coal, the others followed Kaia to the lake, where some of their Squeebs guarded the body from curious onlookers. The bloated corpse bore a scar placed by a creature called an Aboleth. While Kaia did not know what this creature was, Her two Enforcers Tsubaki and Coal were able to supply information about this intelligent aquatic horror. Before Kaia was able to discover the location of this creature a deep concerning thrum came from the mountain that housed the mine. Bellowing long, it caused the lake to loose several thousands of gallons of water, leaving it several feet lower than before.

Hoping to find this Aboleth, Kaia sent Tsubaki and Wadka back to town with the body. The creature would have to wait, as the mine started belching forth steam in disconcerting amount. Kaia and her Enforcers decided that the town should be evacuated while they investigate this geothermal oddity. While there was initially some resistance from concerned shareholders, seeking to hire others to investigate. Kaia knew this would end in only more useless death, so she decided to take only one of their members to act as her guide.

Kaia led her Enforcers deep into the mines labyrinthine tunnels, finding strange overgrown spiders, and an eldritch spider-human hybrid abomination. While Kaia and her Enforcers were able to defeat this monstrosities, they were eventually arrested by a cave in. It was devastating to them all, and fatal to their guide. Retreat was the only option at this point, and even though Kaia did not like it, it was the only option. Their path was stoppered by rubble and Kaia experienced something she had not since childhood, fear. Kaia was accustomed to open skies and free movement, so to be trapped in this oubliette was a terror she could scarcely handle. While Kaia set her heavy-handed Selena on the task of clearing the rubble, she gave herself a sedative to calm down. The sedative had sever hallucinogenic side effects, so while Kaia saw visions of ethereal three-headed rabbits and incorporeal dancing turtles that beckoned her to follow them into the mines deeper depths, her capable compatriots spirited her away to safety.

Kaia woke in one of their rooms in their hedonism house to the sound of the four-legged slobber-monster pulling it’s tiny owner away. While this event was not strange in and of itself, Kaia felt a more dreadful foreboding and followed to investigate. While trying to hold back the hound, Wadka professed an ignorance to its destination. Kaia sent Wadka back to wake the others, while she went forward in their stead. Kaia found Tsubaki fending for her life from another spider abomination, this one however, had no human counterpart. It spewed forth acidic vomit, and had tentacles protruding from its legs instead of feet. Kaia distracted it from the air, while Tsubaki and her canine companion kited it, as they bided their time for the others to arrive.

Coming down like destruction from above, Selina struck the creature upon the back, effectively redirecting its attention away from the injured Tsubaki, and with the force of the lot of them combined, Kaia and her Enforcers were able to destroy the Monster with minimal damages. Had Kaia the Watcher been cognizant when they returned from their mine foray, this could have been avoided, she could only blame herself. Two things were certain, however, more exploration was necessary, and the townsfolk needed to remain safely at a distance until answers could be obtained.


Very awesome! I like the idea of writing up the story as we play in this form!

And so it begins...

I think Kaia makes a fine scribe. haha

And so it begins...

Very not bad : ) I noticed some grammatical errors, but nothing unfixable. It’s pretty funny that it’s all in Kaia’s perspective

And so it begins...

Very not bad? How backhanded of you Stu-Jobs.

And so it begins...

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