Kaia The Watcher

Drow? No.



Her lithe body hides beneath a dark suit of plated leathery looking armor. With a large thick cloak draped over her shoulders, like a mantle. At first glance, she looks like a drow, with dark skin and steel colored hair. Upon further examination, her features belie her exotic bloodline. Splotchy marks on her skin, extended ear length, and clawed fingers give her a feral, almost animalistic look.


From the mountainous region nearby, she lived in the human-tormented forest village of her Strix-kin. The village went from 700 strong, now down to a mere 63. The Humans have now become more dormant, leaving us alone for the first time since their appearance. I was chosen for the special quest to investigate the humans disappearance, and to find a way to keep them from coming back, either through diplomacy, or roguish force. Shortly upon leaving the village she found a strange humanoid fox creature, who had the strange ability to change her appearance to be more human-like. She allowed this strange humanoid and her wolf companion to follow her. Though she was slow to trust, Kaia eventually came to even call this person “friend”

Kaia The Watcher

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