Selina Klimt

Scarred Human Fighter


Selina is a 6’3’’ human female with straight, necklength black hairand coal-gray eyes. During her youth, her home was destroyed in a massive fire, wherein she lost her parents. In addition, as a result of the fire, the entire right half of her body has been hideously burned and scarred. Her right hand is disfigured with several fingers missing, making it painful to grip weapons with, and her right eye is ruined. Although she isn’t impressively depressed by this turn of events, she is somewhat self-conscious about it. She does not object to showing it to people if asked, but goes out of her way to conceal herself otherwise, wearing full sleeves and hiding her face on occasion. Her motivation is simple; she is weary of people reacting with horror, revulsion, and sympathy, and even when people do not react this way, her scars distract them from herself. Normally she wears Breastplate armor with the helmet modified to obscure her right eye, and often wears an eyepatch otherwise. She wields a longsword as her favored weapon, and a shield in her ruined hand, with a chakram as her primary ranged weapon. She also carries a gladius strapped across her lower back, and two daggers in various places.


Selina’s father was a guardsman in a major city in life, and Selina looked up to him greatly. Her goal in life was to become a guardsman like her father, and she continued that aspiration even after the fire .She believes strongly in protecting others, and tends to go out of her way to help people

Selina Klimt

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