Tsubaki Takanashi

Pale Skin Dark hair Wolf





Tsubaki loves Traveling with her Friend Miwa (Wolf) Exploring new places, Playing Songs and Telling Stories to anyone who is willing to Listen, seeing new Creatures, new people, new everything, Everything. very friendly towards Everyone. becomes Passionate about things if she feels they should be true or right.

Tsubaki Comes From Tian Xia, a Land far to the West, her Kin hidden fromt he world. only those Close to her and Family know of her Secret. she Tries her best to keep Hidden from Others knowing her true Form. but she Feels at most Comfortable with showing her Companions. Growing up was nice, it was Quit for her little community she grew to know,, HER early life was Quaint,

(ill have to come up with more this is what i have so far)

Tsubaki Takanashi

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